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"Movie Posters: 75 Years of Academy Awards Winners" Book (HC)

$ 75.00

"Movie Posters: 75 Years of Academy Awards Winners" A Shiffer Book for Collectors. Hardcover book by Everette & Everette, 2002. Condition: excellent (No price guide).

In 2002, the Academy Awards celebrated its 75 anniversary. To chronicle those award-winning movies, this wonderful book presents an illustrated history of the Academy Awards with over 850 movie posters. It is a visual feast that provides an image from almost every winning picture in every category. Everyone who loves motion pictures will delight in this book. Information about every winner makes this a beautiful and valuable source for research. The posters recall each movie's history and recapture in its magic. For collectors of movie memorabilia and posters, this is a great treasure trove and a must for every public and personal library and, whether they are devotees of "Gone with the Wind" or "The Matrix" or anything in between, it is a perfect gift for movie fanatic.

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