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"The Real Oscar: the Story Behind the Academy Awards" Book (HC)

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"The Real Oscar: the Story Behind the Academy Awards" Hardcover book by Peter Brown, 1981. 8.5"x10.5" 235 pages. Condition: Good 

What's the real story behind the most famous and coveted award in the entertainment business? Who really decides the winners ... and why? Peter H. Brown, veteran Hollywood reporter, takes you behind the curtain of propriety that cloaks the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and its prizes. Here are the influence peddling, the political infighting, the backroom deals that made and destroyed careers -- and lives. Here are the professional blackmail used by studio bosses to win the small gold statues for their current favorite starlets, and the massive, meticulously organized public relations campaigns, designed solely to sway Academy voters. The author reveals, in fascinating anecdotes, how money and power have been used, sometimes subtly and sometimes brutally, to garner the awards. But not all the stories are scandals. You will share warm personal moments of triumph with stars who, after years of effort, have reached the pinnacle of their profession. In exclusive interviews they discuss how they felt when the sealed envelopes were opened and their names were read to the world as the best. They disclose what they did to get the Oscar ... and what it did to them.

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